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Henan jinhaoyuan Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. is an import and export enterprise, in the production of large, medium-sized series of mining machinery, metallurgical, building materials equipment, R & D, production, sales as one of the joint-stock enterprises, the main products of the company for the jaw crusher and impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher machine....[See details]

service and support

Provide project planning, process design plan for you, provide the project planning, process design plan for you, according to your needs to design the product you need to provide the project planning..[See details ]

Product cabinet

Diamond core drill bit

  • [machine]: Diamond exporter characteristics of dew amount is large (composite polycrystalline ...
  • [machine] has advantages: high life, high efficiency, high performance ...
  • [products]: diamond composite piece drill bit (PDC), with the diamond composite piece as the main cutting element, by scraping cutting principle of fractured...
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